Roman Statue Reveals Caledonian Warrior Wearing Tartan

The checked leggings on remnants of a Roman statue might be the first ever depiction of tartan according to experts. The bronze statue of the Emperor Caracalla found in North Africa includes a small figure of a Caledonian warrior wearing what appears to be tartan trews. The statue is believed to have stood above an archway in the Moroccan city of Volubilis. Septimius Severus, Caracalla’s father, led massive military campaigns into Scotland during the 3rd century and the figure is thought to be a captive from one of these campaigns.

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Statue in Annan Offending Some Locals

Some townsfolk in Annan, Scotland are none too happy about a statue that stands at a roundabout in the town centre because they think it’s obscene. The statue called Haaf Hetter by artist Paul Cowan depicts a traditional fisherman holding up a net with a salmon caught in it. Unfortunately some think the placement of the fish is a tad suggestive. The artist is also none too happy about the Facebook insults and abuse he is receiving from the locals who are calling for its removal.

Knights of Columbus vs Athiests

A group of offended atheists are continuing in their attempt to have a 59 year old statue of Jesus removed from a Montana ski resort despite the Knights of Columbus and four individuals requesting a judge to throw out the legal challenge because the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation haven’t named anyone harmed by the statue.

In not such a surprising move , an atheist, who lives 15 miles from Jesus, has stepped forward and submitted a statement claiming when he skis past the statue he finds it religious and offensive. As a result the Knights of Columbus request to throw out the lawsuit has been denied. Let the fight begin.

The statue was erected in 1953 to honor of World War II veterans who saw similar shrines while fighting in the mountains of Europe.

Mumbai Hero Honoured With A Statue

On the fourth anniversary of the Mumbai terrorist attack (26th of November) that left 166 people dead and over 300 injured a statue of hero Sandeep Unnikrishnan was unveiled in Bangalore. Sandeep (31) was killed in action while fighting terrorists  inside the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. His last words were to his men “Do not come up, I will handle them”. His father a retired ISRO officer said during the unveiling ceremony  that his family was living an aimless life after their son’s death and haven’t celebrated any festivals for the last four years.

Monument Not Spell Checked

OK here’s the thing, if you intend to erect a 2,000lb Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma City it may pay to proofread the text beforehand. Seems two of the words on the new piece of public art have been misspelled on the huge granite block.  The words were “sabbath,” which read “sabbeth,” and “maidservant,” which ended up “maidseruent,”. The monument was erected as a “keeping up” with Texas (who already have one) project. Many residents believed the money would have been better spent.

Christo To Create World’s Biggest and Most Expensive Sculpture

Christo, the artist best known for wrapping up famous landmarks like the Reichstag, is about to create the world’s biggest and most expensive permanent sculpture in Abu Dhabi.  The estimated construction cost for the 150 high flat topped pyramid made up of 410,000 multicoloured oil barrels will be $340m (£212m).

Sir Alex the Great Gets A Statue

What could they possible place in front of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand at Old Trafford, you may well ask? Well, how about a nine-foot (2.75-metre) bronze statue of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson? Yes the statue was unveiled this week. Alex Ferguson is the English Premier League’s most successful manager with 12 titles.

And what did the man himself have to say about the statue…”Normally people die before they see their statue – I’m outliving death,”

Geidar Aliyev Statue Angers Mexico City’s Residents

The recently erected life size statue of Geidar Aliyev in Mexico City’s main boulevard by the Azerbaijan Embassy has angered locals who want it removed. Unfortunately, the Embassy paid for the $5 million renovations to the park in which it sits and Azerbaijan officials have said that removal of the statue could affect diplomatic relations with Mexico. Awkward!

Geidar Aliyev, who was the head of the KGB’s branch in Azerbaijan before becoming the third president of Communist Azerbaijan, was known for his authoritarian ways . During his reign he was linked to corruption and the local mafia.

Despite the fact that Aliyev has no connection with Mexico City what-so-ever, locals are furious that the plaque on his statue describes him “a brilliant example of infinite devotion to the motherland, loyal to the universal ideals of world peace”. Let the protesting begin!

Psst: Geidar Aliyev’s son was behind the funding of the Mexico City park and the statue.