Roman Statue Reveals Caledonian Warrior Wearing Tartan

The checked leggings on remnants of a Roman statue might be the first ever depiction of tartan according to experts. The bronze statue of the Emperor Caracalla found in North Africa includes a small figure of a Caledonian warrior wearing what appears to be tartan trews. The statue is believed to have stood above an archway in the Moroccan city of Volubilis. Septimius Severus, Caracalla’s father, led massive military campaigns into Scotland during the 3rd century and the figure is thought to be a captive from one of these campaigns.

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Statue in Annan Offending Some Locals

Some townsfolk in Annan, Scotland are none too happy about a statue that stands at a roundabout in the town centre because they think it’s obscene. The statue called Haaf Hetter by artist Paul Cowan depicts a traditional fisherman holding up a net with a salmon caught in it. Unfortunately some think the placement of the fish is a tad suggestive. The artist is also none too happy about the Facebook insults and abuse he is receiving from the locals who are calling for its removal.