Geidar Aliyev Statue Angers Mexico City’s Residents

The recently erected life size statue of Geidar Aliyev in Mexico City’s main boulevard by the Azerbaijan Embassy has angered locals who want it removed. Unfortunately, the Embassy paid for the $5 million renovations to the park in which it sits and Azerbaijan officials have said that removal of the statue could affect diplomatic relations with Mexico. Awkward!

Geidar Aliyev, who was the head of the KGB’s branch in Azerbaijan before becoming the third president of Communist Azerbaijan, was known for his authoritarian ways . During his reign he was linked to corruption and the local mafia.

Despite the fact that Aliyev has no connection with Mexico City what-so-ever, locals are furious that the plaque on his statue describes him “a brilliant example of infinite devotion to the motherland, loyal to the universal ideals of world peace”. Let the protesting begin!

Psst: Geidar Aliyev’s son was behind the funding of the Mexico City park and the statue.

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